I own Fiadh-ròs Natural Apiary ("fee'ah rose" is Gaelic for wild rose) on the outskirts of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, where bees enjoy the rich floral diversity of gardens and fields.  My education hives are at the beautiful Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum.

I practice “natural beekeeping,” which respects and works with the bees' natural processes in an attentive way.  Ross Conrad’s natural beekeeping approach, in particular, is an inspiration for my work.  Therefore I hive the colonies in clean, new woodenware which provides a healthy environment of natural wood and beeswax.  Plastic, antibiotics, and synthetic miticides are avoided in my hives.  My founding bee stock and Queens are locally bred in Nova Scotia, and well-adapted to this climate. Strongly prioritizing bee health and sustainability, my style of apiary management is preventative, meticulous, and gentle.

My ultimate view throughout the season is the same as the bees’ own aim: that every colony will flourish and be strong in the following spring.  I happily under-harvest the products of the hives so that the bees can eat their own honey through winter and spring.  I sell high quality raw honey, comb honey, and cappings beeswax.