Business Environmental Policy

Minimizing the environmental impacts of my business activity is a personal priority.  These commitments - in the office, apiary, and in between - are just a starting point.

In the office:

  • Papers are certified (FSC®, SFI®, Rainforest Alliance™)
  • Printed products are run at a printing house recognized for sustainability and environmental initiatives
  • Bullfrog power®
  • Full recycling
  • Composting
  • Water conservation
  • Proper disposal of batteries and light bulbs
  • Natural cleaning products
  • Lights out, and machines off, at the end of the day

In the apiary:

  • Wooden ware is manufactured in Nova Scotia
  • Low VOC paint for hives
  • Wood frames and wax foundation - no plastic
  • Natural mite treatments - essential oils and organic acids leave less residue in the comb
  • Bee stock and Queens are locally raised from Nova-Scotia adapted bees
  • Bee yards are located in low-pesticide environments
  • Bees eat their natural foods (pollen, nectar, honey) instead of substitutes.

In between:

  • Walking
  • Public transportation
  • Hybrid car
  • Enviro-mugs and shopping bags